Interface Masters Announces 48VDC Redundant, Hot Pluggable Internal Power Supplies Support for 10Gb Switches and Bypass Products

May 08, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Interface Masters Technologies announced that its flagship 48 port 10GE managed switch, Niagara 2948, and its Quad Segment 10 Gigabit External Active Bypass Switch, Niagara 2818, now support 48Vdc Telco and Data Center-ready Internal power Supplies. These 48Vdc powered 10G Managed Switches and Bypass Systems ensure that Telcos, Service Providers and Data Centers with stringent power requirements can leverage the latest 10Gb technologies for managing high speed data transfer, IPv4/IPv6 routing, QOS and MPLS transmissions as well as inline 10G appliance failover.

48Vdc power introduces several key advantages that are uniquely suited to Telecommunication and Data Center applications. Compared to Universal Power supplies (AC), DC systems provide a more stable, efficient, safe and easy to monitor power medium. For example, DC power does not introduce reactance and reduces the amount of resistance in the line. In addition, the connection requires no synchronization and due to a frequency of zero, there is no frequency variation to monitor. Additionally, DC power supplies avoid the effect of charging current, require fewer conductors, require less insulation and provide better voltage regulation.

"Interface Masters’ inclusion of 48Vdc Internal redundant power supplies in the Niagara 2948 and 2818 ensures that Telcos and Data Centers have the means to leverage the most reliable and efficient power supplies to support 10 Gigabit managed switching and failover applications," states Ben Askarinam, founder and CEO of Interface Masters Technologies. "Our attention to customer requirements and market trends in the high speed networking market has always been and will continue to drive our roadmap to launch new innovative networking products and augment current products with requested features going forward."