Infineon IoT Solutions Now Work with Amazon Web Services

May 22, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Infineon Technologies AG reported that the company was named Advanced Technology Partner to Amazon Web Services (AWS). With its solutions offering, Infineon enables IoT device makers to securely develop and integrate their product solutions into the AWS cloud.

Infineon's security and microcontroller solutions successfully passed multiple validations for Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS Greengrass IoT Core. The solutions are available now for purchase as IoT developer boards through the AWS Partner Device Catalog.

XMC4800 Ethercat WiFi Connectivity Kit

XMC4800 Ethercat WiFi connectivity kit enables easy and secured use of new-generation sensors featuring new AI functionalities provided via AWS cloud services. (See image above). The XMC4800 devices are powered by Cortex ARM M4F microcontrollers, and they can offer up to six standard CAN and ETHERCAT connections, for IoT gateway applications and many other peripherals with the benefit of the Arduino and Click Board compatible form factor.

Applications for XMC4800 include building automation, data logging, home automation, industrial automation, irrigation, lighting, process control/automation, solar, tank monitoring, water/wastewater, and others.

OPTIGA™ Trusted Platform Module

The OPTIGA™ Trusted Platform Module offers secured zero-touch edge device provisioning to the AWS Greengrass IoT SW platform. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) SLB9670 offers a fully TCG standard compliant TPM 2.0 with an SPI interface and Raspberry Pi compatible pinout, and is qualified for AWS IoT Greengrass Hardware Security Integration (HSI).

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Applications for SLB9670 include industrial automation, lighting, medical devices, point-of-sale, security/access control, and others.


According to Infineon, OPTIGA™ Trust X reduces integration effort and is easy to use, making it suitable for customers who lack security expertise but need fast time-to-market. This premium security solution offers high performance and low power consumption. It supports non-rich operating systems and comes in compact packages. Trust X enables new features and business models which differentiate product offerings.

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Typical applications for the Trust X include AMR, appliances, asset management/tracking, building automation, connected vehicle, digital signage, fleet management, heavy equipment, home automation, HVAC, industrial automation, lighting, manufacturing, medical devices, and security/access control.

Along with its hardware, Infineon provides an open-source software environment to easily develop and integrate the company's IoT device solutions with cloud-connected services.

IoT Security Circle

Protecting digital identities is fundamental for running data-sensitive applications in machine-to-machine and cloud communication. A chain of trust employing hardware-based security anchors shields digital identities and keys from logical and physical attacks. It also helps to securely connect IoT end nodes including surveillance cameras or connected production machinery with dedicated on-site edge platforms and cloud servers.

In order to meet the needs of various industries, Infineon and the members of the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) develop customized security solutions based upon chip technology. At the 3rd IoT Security Circle in Munich on May 28, 2019, Infineon and its partners will present advanced cloud solutions for a range of IoT applications, from automotive to industrial to mobile.