Industry Leaders Set to Converge on Richardson, Texas

August 25, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Major announcements related to PMBus, the IEEE and the EMerge Alliance, among others, are bringing industry leaders to Darnell’s Energy Summit (DES ’13) to be hosted in Richardson, Texas, September 9-12. These announcements will begin in the Plenary Session with a discussion of “IEEE's DC in the Home Investigation Project Accomplishments and Future Goals”. The opening Key Note and Plenary talks will bring a wealth of new information and insights. The next day will see significant announcements related to Digital Power, GaN, SiC and GaAs, DC Microgrids, and Smart Grid Systems. The major announcements will continue throughout the event, cumulating on Thursday, September 12th when the PMBus Working Group will unveil the preliminary PMBus V1.3 specifications and the EMerge Alliance will host two continuing education seminars on specifying dc-powered products and two sessions reviewing the latest product development successes for the occupied space and for data centers.

DES ’13 is a combined event including the Tenth Darnell's Power Forum, + Fifth Green Building Power Forum (GBPF '13) + the Fourth Smart Grid Electronics Forum (SGEF '13). By registering for DES '13, you’ll be able to attend any of the technical sessions at all three of these industry-leading events. The complete schedule overview is conference here. Among the topics to be covered at DES ’13 will be: Monday, September 9 – Two Design Seminars: "GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion" and "Power Converter Design using Digital Control Techniques".

Tuesday, September 10 – Keynote and Plenary Session: “The Evolution of Energy Management,” D. Scott Barbour, Executive Vice President, Emerson, and Business Leader, Emerson Network Power Systems; “Enernet - The Big Picture” - Brian Patterson, Chairman, EMerge Alliance and General Manager, Armstrong World Industries; “IEEE's DC in the Home Investigation Project Accomplishments and Future Goals” - Doug Houseman, EnerNex, VP of Technical Innovation, Vice Chair of the IEEE PES - Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee, and Founding Member of the IEEE DC in the Home initiative; “DC Microgrids - Challenges and Opportunities” - Kurt Yeager, Vice Chairman of the Galvin Project, Inc.; “GaN: Crushing Silicon One Application at a Time” - Alix Lidow, CEO, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation; “Future Opportunities for Maximizing Efficiencies through Advanced Digital Power Control and Management” - Randy Malik, IBM Distinguished Inventor, IBM; “Smart Grid Impact on Intelligent Buildings,” Ronald J. Zimmer CAE, President & CEO, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA).

Wednesday, September 11 – Technical Sessions: Digital Control, Improving Energy Efficiency, DC Microgrids, Smart Grid Infrastructure and Buildings, Digital Power Applications, GaN and GaAs, DC Data Centers, Smart Grid Systems and Applications, Converter Design Tools and Techniques, GaN and SiC, DC Distribution and Components, and Sensing for Smart Grid Applications.

Thursday, September 12 – Technical Sessions and Seminars: Release and Discussion of PMBus™ V1.3, Digital Power Applications and Case Studies, Converter Design Tools, EMerge Qualified Products for the Occupied Space, EMerge-Qualified Products for Data Centers, DC Powering – Past, Present and Future Open Dialog Session About DC Powering Activities at DOE, EMerge, IEEE, IEC, etc., and an EMerge Alliance Membership Meeting.

Complete schedule details are here. Open registration is still available. And there are still a limited number of opportunities for exhibit spaces. For information on exhibiting, or to check if you qualify to register using the Alumni Discount (offered only until the end of August), you can contact Traci at: +1-951-279-6684, ext 215 or [email protected]