IGBTs Dominate Day One At PCIM Europe 2008

May 26, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Concept Technologie AG, ST Microelectronics and Mitsubishi Electric all made major announcements of new devices for IGBT-based converters during the opening day of this year’s PCIM Europe conference. Concept and Mitsibushi both aimed at high-voltage applications, while ST Microelectronics introduced a new line of 600V devices.

The SCALE-2 chipset from Concept is the basis for the 2SD421A and 2SD412B families of 2-channel drivers that can be used for the entire PrimePACK™ family from Infineon with reverse voltages of 1,200V and 1,700V.

These plug-and-play drivers are described as complete solutions and are equipped with dc-dc converters, short-circuit protection, active clamping, supply monitoring and so on. Users need only mount them one the IGBT module; the system can them to into immediate operation with no future development or matching effort.

Concept also added the 1SD421F2 series of drivers for single as well as parallel of series-connected 3.3 to 6.5kV IGBTs. These drivers are targeted at 2-level, 3-level and multilevel topologies. In addition, Concept added the 1SD535F2 family optimized for driving 130X140mm IGBT modules.

While Concept was introducing IGBT drivers, Mitsubishi added two lines of IGBT modules. The PS22A7X series represents the 4th-generation of DIP-IPM devices for white goods, package air conditioners and similar applications.

Rated for 5, 10, 15, 25 and 35A, the new transfer-molded modules combine Mitsubishi’s CSTBT™ (carrier-stored trench gate bipolar transistor) technology, shrink process ICs, a novel heat dissipating insulation sheet and other advances. Compared with previous DIP-IPM devices the new series comes in packages which are 30% smaller, even though both the on-state voltage and switching losses have been reduced.

The new PowerMESH™ IGBTs from STMicroelectronics are rated for 600V and are designed for higher efficiency and reduced size in energy-saving lighting ballasts and power converters. The new IGBT s are said to deliver significantly better performance per die area compared with conventional power MOSFETs, to enable a reduced-cost solution. In addition, a co-packaged ultra-fast soft-recovery diode provides high dV/dt immunity, whoich is said to not be achievable with other power devices.

ST also introduced a new ESBT (emitter-switched bipolar transistor) power switch, to enable designers to improve efficiency, cost, component count and sizes in auxiliary smps power supplies for single- and three-phase applications. Finally, ST added the VIPer175 off-line switched-mode converter, which integrates an 800V avalanche-rugged MOSFET as well as numerous features to save external components and ensure efficient operation during standby mode.