ICC Offers Design Assistance and Customization

September 25, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

International Components Corp. (Chicago, IL) announced that it is providing a comprehensive assistance program that will enable OEM design engineers to have direct access to the battery component design engineers at ICC. Design engineers will be able to access in-depth technical information through ICC's website to get their questions answered quickly, helping OEMs to overcome battery and charging challenges early in the design stage, saving anywhere from two to six weeks of development time.

"As the world goes continually more mobile, product designers are being asked to develop more innovative wireless devices - and do it smaller, faster and cheaper," commented Peter Sadler, executive director of strategic marketing for ICC. "This means they have to provide more power in less space in many cases. Since battery charging protection and fuel gauging is not a core competency for most, it tends to be ignored until late in the design process, leading to charger controls that may not work as well as they could. By encouraging early involvement, we're hoping to circumvent those problems and give our customers an advantage in product quality, feature sets and time to market."