GreenVolt Confirms Power Increase in PM-120

October 07, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

GreenVolt Power Corp. (Orillia, Ontario) successfully tested and proved a 150 percent increase in the power output capability of its PM-120 magnesium-air-saltwater-fuel-cell. The original 24W capability is now 40W nominal with a maximum of 60W (5A at up to 12V) maximum power output. Testing of the first production units off the line reconfirm the realization in production, of the performance developed in development testing. The duration/anode of this power performance is similar to the original units.

Thomas Faul, president and CEO of GreenVolt Power, said, “The PM-120 is now in production, with sales deliveries scheduled to start this September. In order not to disappoint our many present and future customers, we are immediately incorporating this improvement into each unit already ordered, as well as all future units.