Global Auto Industry to Get Open Standard for Wire-Free Power

May 20, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

In a move to further expand its unprecedented success with a unique wire-free power technology, JVIS USA, LLC, of Shelby, Michigan, a leader in in-vehicle wire-free charging, is announcing the formation of Open Dots Alliance, a non-profit organization to further shepherd and promote the world's first and only open standard for wire-free power, currently in use on 12 vehicle models across five major automotive brands. The standard is called Open Dots: "Open" because it is an open platform free of royalties or license fees, and "Dots" because it employs a distinctive pattern of four contacts (or dots) to receive wire-free power. The standard has been in use and is currently available in more cars and trucks than all other wire-free power technologies combined.

Wire-free charging is gaining wide acceptance among automotive manufacturers because vehicle owners want a hassle-free “drop and charge” means to charge phones while they drive. However, the Open Dots platform expands this ecosystem to include, tablets, laptop computers, power tools and other commonly used electronic devices as well.

“The standard employs a conductive technology that is fundamentally different than other technologies based on induction,” explained Mitch Randall, a director of Open Dots Alliance. “Consequently, the technology offers benefits that are not achievable by other standards.”

These are: Guaranteed Safe – No electromagnetic fields are used. Zero risk of cancer. Random Placement – Devices receive power at any position or orientation on a pad. High Power – The technology can deliver up to 160 Watts. Power Diversity – High and low power devices can operate side-by-side on a pad. Bulk Charging – A pad will charge as many devices as will fit on its surface. High Efficiency – Efficiency is nearly 100%. Low Cost – The technology is inherently low-cost.

On May 13 in Detroit at the Ward’s Auto Interiors Conference, the Open Dots Alliance will announce its first user consortium, the Open Dots Alliance Membership Program. Randall believes this will help ensure Open Dots products from various brands will work together seamlessly for a positive customer experience. The membership program is open to all interested companies with no fees to join.

“Members simply pledge not to make, sell, or resell ‘counterfeit’ conductive wireless products,” he said, “so consumers are never disappointed.” The Open Dots Alliance defines “counterfeit” wire-free products as those products that use a similar conductive technology but do not adhere to the standard.