Fuel Cell Technologies Ships System to Power Greenhouse

May 08, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd., the operating subsidiary of Fuel Cell Technologies Corp. (FCT, Kingston, ON), a developer of solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems, announced that it has shipped a 5 kW SOFC combined heat and power system to the Memphis Botanic Garden. The installation is being funded by Gas Technology Institute's Distributed Generation Mutual Fund (DGMF) members.

Supplying heat and electrical power to the Conservatory greenhouse, the FCT system will be used to provide domestic hot water and maintain the tropical environment required in the greenhouse. DGMF members have selected Memphis Light, Gas and Water, a DGMF member, as the host utility.

"Members of the DGMF consortium are primarily gas utilities who have a keen interest in promoting the use of fuel cells, especially SOFCs because of their high efficiencies and environmental benefits, as well as the combined heat and power capabilities. These utilities have the potential to become major customers of FCT, and installations such as this confirm that the technology is on the path towards commercialization," stated FCT President and CEO John Stannard.