Flux Power Adds Key Functionality to its Energy Storage Systems and Expands Distribution

November 29, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Flux Power Holdings, Inc. has enhanced its product portfolio with the addition of a standard interface for solar and grid storage applications. This interface is able to control many industrial components such as inverters used for power management in solar and grid applications which greatly broadens the applicability and markets for their advanced energy storage solutions.

In addition, Flux Power has entered into an agreement to work with Terra Steward, an energy independence and sustainable living product supplier, to bring these enhanced energy storage solutions to the market. Under the terms of the agreement, Flux Power is providing the technology and integration support with a third party inverter supplier to deliver a packaged, grid storage solution that can support a range of alternative energy applications in the residential, industrial and commercial markets. Terra Steward is providing the installation and support services for the solution into the end user environment.

These new solutions can support a variety of renewable or alternative energy sources, including wind, solar, or micro-hydro. Flux Power's superior management technology and advanced energy storage systems are now being integrated with Schneider Electric SA's Xantrex inverter to create a customized, smart energy storage system that can provide back-up power, peak-shaving and off-peak power in many differing applications.

"Flux is excited to introduce this versatile new addition to its advanced energy storage solution. In addition to offering highly effective, lower cost battery systems for electric vehicles, our technology is a logical fit with many other clean technology and alternative energy applications," said Chris Anthony, CEO of Flux Power. "By providing this intelligent new interface between the advanced energy storage system and the inverter in these solar and grid storage applications, our technology can now deliver customizable applications to a tremendous number of new market opportunities for us in residential, commercial and industrial applications."

"We are delighted to be working with Flux Power to deliver a complete solution for customers seeking solar energy and advanced storage solutions," said Christopher D'Avignon, President and CEO, of Terra Steward, Inc. "Our customers depend on us to deliver superior products for energy independence and sustainable living - both on and off grid. I've been impressed with the technology team at Flux Power and look forward to working with them as we bring many new applications with this interface to market."