Fairchild Establishes Chicago Power Design Center

July 24, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. (South Portland, ME) reported that it has added a new Chicago, IL, laboratory to its worldwide Global Power Resource™ Design Centers. The new design center provides expertise in quasi-resonant designs offering less noise, lower EMI, and higher efficiency than hard-switching, fixed-frequency designs in applications such as color televisions and set-top boxes. The quasi-resonant designs offer the advantage of a highly integrated solution that combines a MOSFET and controller in one package. Cost-sensitive designs in industrial and consumer applications can realize a lower overall system cost through a reduction in the amount of filtering as well as heatsink size and by the reduced number of components.

"Fairchild's Chicago Power Design Center provides solutions for ac-dc applications in the complete range of power from 2 W and 5 W adapters for cell phones, and for 200 W quasi-resonant designs in televisions," stated Chicago Power Design Center Applications Manager Carl Walding. "We're able to provide a total power design solution utilizing Fairchild products to optimize efficiency, increase performance, reduce part count and inventory costs, while improving the end applications' time-to-market."

The design centers are part of Fairchild's Global Power Resource -- a worldwide network of design labs, systems application experts, online design tools, evaluation boards, and joint research and development labs. Fairchild's design centers are located in the United States, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, and several locations in China. Fairchild plans to double the number of power design centers with additional laboratories scheduled to open in China, South America, Korea, and Japan.