Face Receives Laptop Charger Development Contract

January 18, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of battery chargers and adapters for portable devices contracted with Face Electronics LC (Norfolk, VA) to develop a Transoner® for laptop chargers. The first phase of the contract should be completed in the second quarter of 2004. Face has been working with clients in Europe since 2002 to develop Transoner-based, ac-dc converters that could be used with other chargers and adapters. Those technology development projects have been successful and the clients are now making plans for test marketing. Face is also in discussions with an American company for a possible collaboration in the charger/adapter market.

"The charger market is a natural first market for Transoner," commented Face’s Vice President for Research and Development Alfredo Vázquez Carazo. "Face and its clients have been working to develop Transoner-based chargers for the better part of two years. The first chargers incorporating Transoners, which our clients hope to introduce this year, will be substantially smaller and thinner; and they’ll get smaller and smaller as we perfect the application."