Evercel Nickel-Zinc Battery Chosen by ATALA for Electric Scooters

July 02, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Evercel Inc. (Danbury, CT) announced that after months of evaluations and successful road testing on actual scooters, ATALA (Italy), a bike, scooter and fitness equipment primary manufacturer, has selected Evercel's nickel-zinc battery as the best overall solution for electric scooter power. Last week, ATALA placed their first order for Evercel nickel-zinc batteries to power their Lepton scooter.The order follows a joint agreement to develop electric scooters signed in February 2000, allowing ATALA to evaluate Evercel's nickel-zinc batteries alongside lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and nickel metal-hydride batteries. ATALA has one scooter in regular production, and up to three additional scooters will be launched within the next year."We have looked at every possible battery solution and tested battery chemistries which appeared to meet the extreme high-drain demands of electric scooters," said Dott. Giampiero Duglio, CEO of ATALA's Scooter Division. "After looking at real prices and actual performance and taking into account life-cycle cost, we find the Evercel nickel-zinc batteries to be superior to all other candidates."