Evercel and Zapworld.Com Sign Agreement to CombineTechnology

February 09, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Evercel Inc. (Danbury, CT) and Zapworld.Com (ZAP, Sebastopol, CA) have recently signed an agreement to jointly produce a line of premium products using ZAP's technology combined with Evercel's performance nickel-zinc batteries. Under the terms of the agreement, ZAP will install Evercel's nickel-zinc battery in a high-end version of ZAP's Lectra electric motorcycle. The Lectra will be the first Evercel-powered product available to US consumers.

"The ZAP Lectra is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, electric motorcycle and a perfect application for our premium batteries," said Robert L. Kanode, president and CEO of Evercel. "In addition to introducing US consumers to the long-life advantages of Evercel's rechargeable batteries, this agreement also represents the first phase of a domestic distribution strategy that will enhance the growth of both ZAP and Evercel."

"Over the years ZAP has received many requests for an improved battery," said ZAP CEO Gary Starr. "Evercel's new battery enables ZAP to provide a high-performance electric vehicle that greatly extends range."

ZAP will also serve as the exclusive US distributor of Evercel's batteries for a variety of other high-performance EVs, including electric motorcycles, law enforcement EVs, folding EVs and low-speed EVs, including neighborhood vehicles. The first ZAP bikes with Evercel batteries are expected to reach the market in late 2000.