Ericsson Promotes Patrick Le Fevre to Marketing Director

June 26, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Ericsson (Sweden) announced that Patrick Le Fevre was recently appointed marketing director of the power modules business line, effective since June 15, 2001. He is now responsible for all of Ericsson’s marketing in Asia, the European Union and the US. In his new position, Le Fevre will be initiating marketing actions related to sales, products and strategies. His plans include increased company aggressiveness.

Le Fevre has been with Ericsson since June 1996 when he started as the product manager for partnership products. He was then promoted to strategic product manager for the MacroDens line, and then took over the global business development of power modules.

Le Fevre’s career has been focused on power products since 1982 when he started with a small start-up called Micro-Gisco, which later merged to become Convergie (France). Prior to joining Ericsson, Le Fevre worked in France and developed sales activities in the US from Charlotte, NC.