Ergonomic and Scalable EV Charging Aims to Speed E-Mobility Expansion

June 12, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Today’s government initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint largely contribute to the transition of the automotive sector. Furthermore, as the price of batteries continues to decrease, electric cars could become cheaper than internal combustion engine vehicles, benefitting from a significant drop in life-cycle costs. By 2040, electric vehicles (EVs) could even account for 54% of new car sales providing the charging infrastructure keeps pace with the trend.

To speed up the switch to electric mobility, Nexans is introducing its Nexans AGICITY® range, which aims to facilitate the rollout of public and private EV charging infrastructure.

As a developer and manufacturer, the Group has been expanding its know-how in the electric mobility sector since 2010 by participating in major innovation programs, such as BienVEnu and Eco2Charge. Today, building on its expertise, innovation capacity and solid network of partners, Nexans is launching AGICITY®, a complete solution for ergonomic and scalable EV charging infrastructures.

Nexans' AGICITY® enables dynamic station management, improving energy efficiency and providing a solution to the various individual service needs. Working closely with regional authorities, Nexans contributes to the rollout of a shared electric mobility model aimed at reducing the cost of mobility borne by local communities and residents in suburban and rural areas.

An end-to-end infrastructure charging solution

Nexans markets tri-standard terminals enabling alternating- and direct-current charging up to 24kW as well as rapid charging. The Nexans AGICITY® range offers complete EV charging solutions, including services specifically designed to help companies and local communities transition smoothly to e-mobility.

Whether for company fleets, public or private parking areas or street charging stations, the modular technology provided by Nexans makes it easy to define, develop and upgrade any fleet of charging stations in order to help integrate new mobilities.

Nexans’ supervision systems provide regional authorities and companies with reliable charging operations thanks to real-time remote diagnosis and supervision functions. Furthermore, the Nexans EV charging stations include payment and car sharing options. They are compatible with all vehicles on the market and are interoperable with shared mobility operators.

The launch of Nexans AGICITY® confirms the Group’s aim to go beyond cables,” said Dirk Steinbrink, Chief Technical Officer at Nexans. “Nexans assists its customers at each stage of the implementation and operation of EV charging infrastructure.

“Our teams provide project support from the definition of needs and design of customized systems, and throughout the infrastructure’s entire life-cycle including manufacturing, installation and sale,” Steinbrink observed.

With its sales & marketing network and industry partnerships, Nexans is a solid stakeholder in the EV charging sector. Furthermore, Nexans has a Qualifelec-approved center in France for training EV charging station installers.