Envision Solar Announces Series of Strategic Alliances Worldwide

June 21, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Envision Solar, LLC of San Diego, California, announced that it has developed what it describes as a "revolutionary" way of transforming heat-absorbing parking lots into "beautiful and efficient" solar power plants. The company has recently partnered with Kyocera Solar, Inc., the first of several alliances and projects worldwide for Envision, to assure quality and availability of photovoltaic modules for their Solar Groves™. The relationship with Kyocera brings together a principal in solar technology and what is claimed to be the industry’s only complete turnkey solar energy solution in the most attractive, prefabricated package on the renewable energy market.

Envision Solar claims to be the only solar developer to provide a "single point of contact," for all solar services, including feasibility studies, design and engineering, contract management, entitlement/permit process guidance, construction, installation, financing options, system monitoring, and site maintenance. According to Envision, the original Solar Grove™ at Kyocera Solar’s US corporate headquarters in San Diego proved to be more than just environmentally friendly. The structure is said to have exceeded performance projections in its first full year of operation by providing 427,602kW hours of electricity, saving approximately $50,000 in energy costs.

Kyocera Solar’s photovoltaic systems are made of silicone semiconductor devices that harness the energy contained the in sun’s radiation and convert it into electricity. These photovoltaic solar energy systems are claimed to be some of the cleanest, lowest-maintenance, ecologically-responsible alternative energy solutions available.