Enova Announces Hybrid School Bus Order

May 26, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Enova Systems, Inc. confirmed that they, along with Navistar International Corp. and its subsidiary IC Bus, will deploy 16 hybrid school buses used for a number of school districts. This deployment represents the initial large scale utilization of US Department of Energy grants for clean school buses. Both Navistar, who claims 61% of the school bus market in North America, and Enova, believe that this initial deployment is a critical next step in the evolution of the hybrid school bus program towards long term production volume.

Enova COO John Mullins said, "The deployment of these initial systems is an affirmation of Navistar’s commitment to the hybrid school bus market. Enova supports this commitment by engineering a post-transmission hybrid drive system that integrates easily and non-invasively."

Enova anticipates an increase in demand for hybrid school buses powered by Enova’s drive system technologies. Several states and school districts have expressed interest in expanding their hybrid school bus fleets. This interest should continue to grow as more tax credits and incentives become available to ease the transition to hybrid school buses.

"This is not the first time Enova has partnered with Navistar to break new ground in clean vehicle technology," said Enova CEO and President Mike Staran. "In 2005, we collaborated on the industry’s first production plug-in hybrid vehicle, and we’ve refined the technology since. This order for 16 Enova-powered hybrid school buses solidifies both our companies’ positions as industry leaders."

Over the past years, Navistar’s plug-in hybrid school buses powered by Enova’s ultra-efficient drive system, have demonstrated a significant improvement in fuel economy and reduction in emissions. The partners expect these efficiencies to drive further demand for Navistar’s hybrid school buses.