Enervalis and ABB Benelux Partner on Smart Grid Delivery

November 10, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Energy software developer Enervalis and ABB Benelux are set to work together on the development of smart grid solutions for the region. Enervalis, a company which is supported by KIC InnoEnergy SE's Highway program, develops operating systems to support smart grids and other energy services. Their products are designed to provide cost reductions as well as extra upside revenues from energy assets.

The collaboration will provide grid infrastructure and supporting software to create complete on-site smart grid solutions for new “zero energy” residential districts in Benelux. The first joint solution is expected to be rolled out in early 2016.

Stefan Lodeweyckx, Founder & CEO of Enervalis, said: “We have developed software products for supporting smarter energy use, whether in individual buildings or across electricity grids, which will find a natural partner in the hardware developed by ABB. We are really looking forward to working with them and to rolling out the first joint solution next year.”

“The challenge is an interesting one as, typically, zero energy districts are designed to incorporate local renewable energy generation sources such as solar panels. However, the local utilities that run the regional electricity grids often request that houses in these zones use as much of the energy generated on-site as possible. This avoids sending too much energy on the wider electricity grid and having the grids undergo costly upgrades to cope with the extra power coming on to their systems.

“As renewable energy is often not used at the same time it is generated, the on-site smart grid will either need to distribute it for immediate consumption or store it so that it is available for use as and when needed. This requires not only physical infrastructure such as batteries, solar converters and sensors but also software to effectively predict when energy is needed, when energy should be stored and where it should be allocated first. Getting this right will avoid costly network upgrades and it is why having a joined-up solution combining hardware and software from the outset is so important. This is where we feel we can really make a difference.”

Alfons Goos, Managing Director ABB Benelux said: “Innovation is ingrained in the DNA of ABB so naturally we are delighted to have found a local partner that shares our outlook. We are hoping to find synergies with Enervalis’ software systems which will make a real difference in terms of costs and efficiency for smart grid applications.”

ABB Benelux’s Marketing & Business Development Manager Smart Grids CEU, Peter Van Den Heede added: “We are continuously developing new products and solutions to make homes smarter and ready to participate in the new Energy market - thanks to the additional Enervalis software solutions we can speed up the process.”

KIC InnoEnergy Business Creation Officer for Benelux Stefan Smets said: “This is a prime example of our Highway programme in action. Our aim is to help ventures like Enervalis to grow and to find opportunities. Finding a home for a product or service, be it through customers or collaboration, rewards the hard work and creativity of companies like Enervalis – it is why we set up the highway program in the first place and it is great to see results like this.”