Emerson Network Power and Intel Demonstrate Benefits of PMBus™ Digital Power Management

April 17, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Emerson Network Power and Intel Corp. are jointly promoting the benefits of the PMBus™ digital power management standard at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, where Intel is hosting a live public demonstration of a rack of servers configured with PMBus™ compliant ac-dc power supplies from Emerson Network Power.

"Power Management at a server level is a critical step in optimizing power consumption of Data Centers and Data-com facilities, and I am delighted with our collaboration with Intel on this demonstration", said Bharat Shah, Vice President of Strategic Technology for Emerson Network Power.

"Standards-based digital control communications play a key role in the optimization of power and thermal performance in the data center", said Tom Macdonald, Vice President and General Manager of Platform Components Group. "Emerson Network Power’s support of the live demo at IDF with PMBus™ compliant power supplies is an important milestone in the industry’s transition to digital control of power conversion devices."

The power supply is a turnkey solution developed for computing type applications, known as the Astec DSR850-2, which provides N+1 or N+N hot plug redundant bulk power. It comprises a mini-rack assembly containing up to two 850W ac-dc power supplies, together with up to six channels of multi-output dc sources, and incorporates a PMBus™ interface that complies with the latest Rev 1.1 protocol standard. This latest version of the PMBus™ protocol extends the already comprehensive feature set of the standard, to include real-time value reporting of ac input voltage, current and power to within 5% accuracy at very light loads. The Astec DSR850-2 is optionally available equipped for Intel PSMI Rev 2.12 standard communications, if required.

Each 850W power supply in the Astec DSR850-2 produces a main 70A @ +12V output and a 2.5A @ 5.0V standby output. The six multi-output power modules each deliver 16A @ +12V (with 240VA protected rails), 44A @ 5.0V and 24A @ 3.3V, together with 0.5A @ 12V and 2.5A @ 5.0V standby outputs.

Other Astec DS Series products to be released shortly include the DS1200-3, which is a 1U x 2U, 1200 watt unit, and the DS1800-3, which has a 1U x 3U form factor and an 1800 watt output rating. Both these new models feature all-digital control, incorporate efficiency optimization at a given load, and are PMBus™ compliant.