EMerge Alliance Celebrates 100-Member Milestone at LIGHTFAIR 2013

April 21, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

The EMerge Alliance -- an open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe dc power distribution standards for commercial buildings -- today announced the addition of 21 new members and 39 new products for dc power applications at LIGHTFAIR International 2013. Now supported by more than 100 member organizations, the group continues to make progress toward delivering greater electrical energy efficiency, flexibility and sustainability throughout buildings.

Newest members to the DC power movement include: Eltek AS, Panduit, ValidusDC and ZBB Energy Corporation at the Participating level; Alpha Technologies, Carling Technologies, Lite-On Clean Energy Technology, Minebea, PhotoGlow and SL Power Electronics at the General level; Echola Systems, Engineering Services of Vermont, Lighting Energy Depot, People Power, Strategic Energy Solutions and VP Energy at the Supporting level; Korea Testing Laboratory, Pika Energy, SCTE and sg++ smart grid computing at the Corresponding level; and Passive House Institute U.S. at the Liaison level.

“The benefits of DC power distribution go beyond decreasing energy consumption, reducing labor costs and minimizing business interruptions,” said EMerge Alliance Chairman Brian Patterson. “DC microgrids offer a safe, reliable and efficient solution to providing power to commercial buildings and new lighting technologies, which is why we continue to gain support from both business and industry leaders.”

Members at the Governing, Participating, and General levels are actively participating in the EMerge Alliance Registered product program for the EMerge Alliance Occupied Space Standard, which facilitates DC power distribution in commercial interiors through the integration of interior power, infrastructures, controls and peripherals at the room-level microgrid platform level.

To date, 92 member products have been submitted for independent evaluation to determine their suitability to carry the EMerge Alliance Registered product mark for use in dc systems.