Electro Power Systems Launches First Self-Recharging Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

February 15, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Electro Power Systems SpA is launching ElectroSelf, which it says is the world’s first entirely self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell technology, which is designed to deliver dependable backup power for mobile networks in any location whether off-grid, in locations with unreliable power, or in extreme climates. The self-contained and self-recharging fuel-cell system consumes only water, produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and can be installed to backup renewable or mains power. It releases mobile operators from much of the inconvenience of providing backup power through gensets and batteries. It drives operating expenses down, minimizes maintenance, eliminates diesel refueling or battery replacement costs, and provides comprehensive remote power monitoring and control.

The company says that ElectroSelf fundamentally change the economics of backup power provision. Initial CapEx is said to be offset by a far lower total cost of ownership and an extended product life expectancy. It is also said to dramatically reduce the operating costs by eliminating ongoing fuel costs and minimizing maintenance visits. For example, it only requires minimal water top-up once per year.

The company states that ElectroSelf gives operators an opportunity to make a significant step towards greener networks and operations. It is said to be a completely clean technology and specifically designed to work with both renewable and grid power. It is said to be particularly useful for off-grid installations because it enables the storage of renewable energy, which is never supplied constantly. Less frequent maintenance visits plus remote monitoring mean dramatically lower carbon emissions from maintenance travel and this smaller environmental footprint is matched by an ultra-neat physical footprint of just 600 x 800mm which requires no extra space for air-conditioning or cooling.

The ElectroSelf operates between -20 and 45°C enabling operators to expand further off-grid and into more extreme climates than legacy backup power technologies can tolerate. ElectroSelf has advanced control and power electronics that enable fully remote management and control.