Electricity Generating Wood-Fired Camp Stove

December 12, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Turn fire into electricity with BioLite's thermal energy harvesting wood burning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time. Leave the gas canisters behind and unlock the potential of the sticks and twigs around you.

The stove burns sticks, wood scraps of pellets and at the same time, it generates 3W of power to charge mobile devices or the FlexLight attachment. The stove can boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes. It packs down to the size of a 32oz widemouth water bottle and weighs 2.06 pounds.

You can grill, boil, cook, and charge with the optional lightweight Portable Grill and KettlePot attachments. In addition, the KettlePot can be used tdo store the CampStove to save space. The Grilltop fits up to four burgers. The total kit weight is 4.96 pounds.

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