EaglePicher Battery Selected for SAR-Lupe Satellite System

December 26, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

The Defense and Space Power Division of EaglePicher Technologies LLC (Phoenix, AZ) announced that its nickel-hydrogen (NiH2) single pressure vessel (SPV) battery has been selected by OHB-System AG to power the SAR-Lupe German satellite system for radar image reconnaissance. The order is valued at €2.7 million (US$3.6 million). The launch of the first of five satellites is planned for 2005 with a Russian launcher; the overall system will be completed in 2007 to deliver radar images for the German Federal Armed Forces until 2015.

With a proven 12-year lifespan in space, the EaglePicher type SAR 10065 SPV battery operates at 28 V and is rated at a capacity of 50 Ah. OHB-System selected EaglePicher’s NiH2 battery for its rigorous quality specifications and proven performance in space.

"The SAR-Lupe satellite system will provide Germany with a key national capability for crisis prevention, collection of intelligence information and support for deployed forces," said OHB Project Manager Ingo Engeln. "The selection of EaglePicher’s NiH2 batteries for this mission-critical reconnaissance system is a testimony to the technological superiority, proven capability and quality of EaglePicher’s solutions."