Delta Founder & Chairman Bruce Cheng Endows NCKU With NT$250 Million To Build NCKU-Delta Building

December 11, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) announced that Founder and Chairman of Delta Electronics, Inc. Bruce Cheng has endowed his alma mater with $250 million NTD, approximately 7.5 million USD, for the construction of the "NCKU-Delta Building" to be used for the development of advanced research and industry-academia cooperation. The NCKU-Delta Building will be established in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP).

This is Chairman Chen’s third endowment to NCKU after his 2001 donation of one million shares of Delta Electronics stock to establish the K.T. Li Technology Lectureship and in 2007 a donation of 100 million NTD to construct the Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center.

"Delta Electronics is happy to support academic development which also benefits the improvement of industry," said Cheng.

This NCKU-Delta Building is Cheng’s personal endowment. In addition to a monetary donation, NCKU and Delta Electronics will also sign a MOU covering R&D cooperation on commercial technologies. The building will be a research center for industry, government and academia. The building will have five floors above ground and one level below ground for a total area of 9,518 square meters. When completed, the building will serve as a joint R&D center for industry, government agencies and research institutes.

The R&D alliance between NCKU and Delta will focus on seven main areas: 1) renewable energy, energy-storage, energy-saving, and related technology development; 2) environmental protection technology; 3) power electronics, switching power supply related technology; 4) electric vehicles; 5) imaging, information, internet, multimedia, and display related technology; 6) medical related technology; and, 7) materials, production procedures, and equipment related technology.