DayStar Announces Solar Cell Purchase Agreement

July 10, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

DayStar Technologies Inc. (Halfmoon, NY), a developer of photovoltaic (PV) products, announced the signing of a purchase agreement with Micro Energy Group Inc. (MEG) for its new TerraFoil-SP™ solar cells. The purchase agreement calls for up to 500 kW of TerraFoil-SP™ cells, with monthly delivery beginning later in 2005 and escalating in volume through the end of 2006. Prices are based on a variable market-competitive pricing mechanism, and deliveries are contingent upon DayStar’s ramp-up of its production capacity.

The TerraFoil-SP™ cells are small-area solar cell designed for use in specialty consumer electronic products and smaller power modules. The product is the latest addition to DayStar’s Photovoltaic Foil™ product line, and is a derivative of the larger TerraFoil™ sizes used for traditional flat-plate power modules. The TerraFoil-SP™ cells can be provided in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and power outputs. Built on a flexible foil substrate, the TerraFoil-SP™ enables a high degree of physical and geometric flexibility in module designs for mobile and off-grid consumer products.

"This agreement marks an important first sale for our new TerraFoil-SP™ product and expands the use of our PV Foil™ products in multiple markets," said DayStar Director of Sales and Product Management Terry Schuyler. "DayStar’s manufacturing approach enables a greater percentage of useable solar cells from each manufacturing batch, which can result in significantly greater production yield. TerraFoil-SP™ demonstrates another DayStar product that can facilitate near-term revenues while we continue our incremental build-out to higher-volume GEN-III production lines. We look forward to working closely with MEG in the coming year."