Cool or Quirky Wireless Charging Designs? – You Decide Which

January 08, 2017 by Power Pulse1595211359

Wireless charging was one of the hottest areas of power technology at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. While most announcements were conventional designs using mainstream wireless protocols such as Qi and AirFuel, there were exceptions. PowerPulse presents three examples of unusual and even unique approaches to wireless charging, are these designs cool or quirky?

Wireless charging accessory manufacturer ZENS announced its Apple Watch Charging Bank. The small, brick shaped wireless charger provides the Apple Watch up to four full recharges on one of its full battery 1300mAh battery charges. Energysquare introduced a sticker that attaches to a smart phone or tablet and charges the device through two conductive dots whenever the device is placed on a conductive charging mat. Finally, PogoTec was showing “the world’s smallest wearable camera attachable to eyewear” that is charged whenever it’s placed in its storage case. Details of each announcement follow below:

The ZENS Apple Watch Powerbank allows an Apple Watch to be charged up to 3 times using its built-in 1300mAh battery. Its small size makes it extremely easy to use while traveling, the unit measures (L x W x H) 4.0cm x 4.0cm x 3.15cm and weighs 68 grams. The Apple Watch Powerbank can be recharged with any smartphone charger using the micro USB port.

Energysquare is a new generation of conductive wireless chargers that makes it possible to charge several electronic devices at the same time and at the same speed as a traditional charger, just by installing a small sticker on a device and putting it on a thin charging surface (charging mat). The charge is made through the direct contact between the sticker and the surface (conduction), which means no induction and no electromagnetic waves. The patented Energysquare technology includes two elements: 1) A charging surface, connected to the ac mains and made of conductive squares inlaid into an insulated material. 2) A thin and adhesive sticker that is installed on the back of a smartphone or tablet. This sticker carries two conductive electrodes and a connector that can be plugged on the charging socket of the device.

When the device equipped with the sticker is put on the surface, charge will begin automatically by physical contact. The surface and the sticker are designed to ensure that there will always be a contact between the two electrodes and two conductive squares (a negative pole and a positive pole). Embedded electronics then deals with device detection and power distribution. Energysquare’s first product that is currently being industrialized is a wireless charging surface compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

PogoTec announced strategic partnerships with leading designers and marketers of prescription and non-prescription eyewear to manufacture and distribute compatible frames for PogoCam™, the world’s smallest wearable camera attachable to eyewear. A Smart Case that easily fits in one’s pocket is included with each PogoCam. Simply insert PogoCam into the Smart Case and it can recharge PogoCam up to five times in as little as 35 minutes for each recharge cycle. The Smart Case also transmits images and video wirelessly to the user’s smartphone using Bluetooth while it backs up memories to its internal memory chip.

“PogoCam is truly a wearable camera for everyone,” said Ron Blum, Founder, President and CEO of PogoTec. “Our user-friendly PogoCam interface, combined with our frame partners’ innovative frame styles with many more to come in the future, makes PogoCam accessible and appealing to any lifestyle. We are experiencing a turning point that will make hand-held photography cumbersome and obsolete. PogoCam removes the user from the confines of a viewfinder, allowing people to enjoy and pay attention to the event while capturing it. The user can easily share their images or video with friends and family."

Weighing less than two dimes and measuring only 10.9 x 12.5 x 42.8 millimeters, PogoCam attaches magnetically to eyewear having a proprietary track called PogoTrack. PogoCam allows a user to capture images and video with audio taken by a typical user during the course of a day. PogoCam allows people to “look and shoot” up to 100 photographs or two minutes of continuous HD video with audio (or 12 ten second clips). When in use, the camera displays a visible courtesy light that blinks allowing those being photographed to know.

When not in use or if in an environment where photography is discouraged, it can be slid back on the track or easily removed. PogoCam’s accompanying patent pending mobile app provides auto centering, auto alignment and image rotation – eliminating the need for a camera viewfinder by automating certain post processing adjustments normally required for manual cameras. The image quality is comparable to that of one’s smartphone.

PogoCam, including its wireless Smart Case and other accessories will have a suggested retail price of $149.00. PogoCam will be officially launched on March 30, 2017 at the International Vision Expo East Conference in NYC. When purchasing a PogoCam on PogoTec’s ecommerce site,, initial customers purchasing PogoCam will receive a free pair of branded non-prescription sunglasses with PogoTrack.