Clean Air Partners Changes Name to Clean Air Power

September 07, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Clean Air Partners (San Diego, CA) announced a name change to Clean Air Power Inc. as part of its updated strategy to position the company for growth in markets with the greatest need for power. Whether it is performance power for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, or generating power from stationary diesel engines, Clean Air Power's customers benefit from cost-efficient solutions that dramatically reduce emissions to meet strict guidelines while maintaining the power and efficiency of a compression stroke engine.

Based on in-depth market and customer research, Clean Air Power validated its strategy to parlay its market share in vehicle diesel engine conversions to the distributed power generation market. In most markets, economics rather than emission standards is the main motivator to convert stationary diesel power generators to operate on less costly natural gas without replacing the system or sacrificing performance. Using a diesel power generation system as an active asset to reduce peak power requirements also saves energy costs when not operating on the local power grid.

"Having Power in our name accurately represents the core product benefit our customer base values," said CEO Dan Kabel. "Our focus on the needs of the vehicle and power generation customers drives our internal structure, product development, customer service and international strategy. Thinking beyond the vehicle market in North America has opened major opportunities for Clean Air Power to be a technology supplier for any diesel engine conversion."