China Digital Announces Name Change To New Energy Systems Group

August 27, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

China Digital Communication Group announced that the company has filed preliminary information statement (Schedule 14C) with the SEC to furnish shareholders with notification of a name change to "New Energy Systems Group."

The company anticipates that the amendment to its Article of Incorporation will be filed with the Secretary of State of Nevada on or about September 28, 2009. This projected effective date is twenty calendar days following the date that this Information Statement is expected to be mailed to our shareholders. The name change will have no effect on voting and other rights accompanying the company’s common stock. In connection with the name change the company will obtain both a new CUSIP number and trading symbol.

"In order to more accurately reflect our main business operations in the lithium ion battery market, we have adopted a corporate name change to New Energy Systems Group," said Fushun Li, Chief Executive Officer. "As demonstrated by our recent $4.1 million contract announcement and strong second quarter financials, we are committed to becoming a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality mobile energy solutions throughout China and around the world. We look forward to keeping our loyal shareholders and prospective investors apprised of our exciting developments over the next few weeks and months."

Once the name change to New Energy Systems Group becomes effective, it will be reflected in all SEC filings and future corporate communications with the investor community.