Castrol and XING Mobility Partner on Immersion Cooled Battery Development

May 13, 2021 by Shannon Cuthrell

Castrol, a subsidiary of BP, is partnering with Taiwanese battery system producer XING Mobility to develop immersion cooling battery systems for the EV market.

BP subsidiary Castrol recently announced a new partnership with Taiwanese EV battery company XING Mobility to develop an advanced immersion cooling system for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. 


Castrol and XING Mobility Partner on Immersion Cooled Battery Development Fig1


Immersion cooling techniques are advantageous to EV battery developers as a viable alternative to traditional air cooling. These systems are seeing widespread adoption in the server market, facing rising chip and server rack density. In the EV space, heightened demand for high-range, fast-charging battery systems has fueled more interest in immersion cooling methods. 

XING’s Immersio Modular Battery Pack uses an immersion cooling system to optimize heat transfer performance and manage temperatures in lithium-ion battery systems. The company says its lithium-ion battery modules and energy storage systems provide superior thermal management and ultra-fast charging while meeting safety demands. The products can be used for electrification applications within a range of end markets, from mining to construction to agriculture. 

Castrol’s newly-released Castrol ON e-fluid circulates through XING’s system to maximize efficiency and performance. Through the new partnership, Castrol and XING will work to improve battery system performance and optimize fluid and hardware systems for more efficient results. 

Castrol, which claims a 6% share of the U.S. motor oil industry, has recently expanded into the e-fluid market, now offering products for space, sea and transportation applications. Its Castrol ON brand launched in February with a range of e-transmission fluids, e-coolants and e-greases. 

Rebecca Yates, Castrol’s vice president of advanced mobility and industrial products, said in the announcement that the partnership would allow both parties to share expertise and co-engineer “market-leading products that improve battery system performance and drive the electric vehicle market forward.”

XING Mobility Co-Founder and CEO Royce YC Hong added, “Forming a strong partnership with Castrol/BP not only brings world-leading fluid expertise to XING Mobility that greatly advances our development immersion cooling, it also enables us to provide ultra-fast charging EV battery systems to the world’s leading automakers.”