Canada Invests in Hydrogenics Infrastructure Projects

March 20, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Hydrogenics Corp. (Mississauga, Canada) received a $620,000 contribution from the Government of Canada that will help develop, demonstrate and commercialize refueling technology that will help pave the way for fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogenics is contributing the balance of the costs for two projects, which total approximately $1.61 million. The Government of Canada is funding the projects through the Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance, a $23-million partnership initiative to demonstrate and evaluate various fueling options for fuel cell vehicles in Canada.

The first project will develop a hydrogen refueling apparatus for a natural-gas reformer, which is part of the 50kW stationary fuel cell power generator that Hydrogenics is currently developing. The reformer will be capable of generating hydrogen for both fuel cell vehicles and stationary power generators. The energy station prototype, including the refueling apparatus, is scheduled for demonstration in Toronto this summer.

Funding for the second project will help develop Hydrogenics' proprietary electrolysis technology in a mobile hydrogen fueling station. Hydrogenics plans to demonstrate the project at its Mississauga facility in the summer of 2004, and hopes to extend the demonstration to a wind or solar power site.