Budget EV Rental Cars Offers Honda Insight Hybrid Rental Cars

March 19, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Budget EV Rental Cars (Los Angeles, CA), a joint effort between EV Rental Cars and Budget Rent A Car Corp., announced the first gasoline-electric Honda Insight hybrids for rent at Budget's Los Angeles International Airport and Beverly Hills locations.

Budget EV Rental Cars will initially offer a fleet of five Honda Insight two-seater coupes, with another 40 to 50 to be added throughout this year. The company currently offers a combined fleet of 50 EVs in California, including the following models: Ford Ranger EV, General Motors EV1, Honda EV PLUS, Toyota RAV4-EV and the Honda Civic GX (Honda's compressed natural-gas vehicle). EV rental rates currently range from $44 to $125 per day. The Honda Insight hybrid will rent for an introductory rate of $99 a day.