Brite and Semitech to Collaborate on M2M PLC/Wireless SoC

June 15, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Brite Semiconductor, Inc. today announced the collaborative development of an industrial machine to machine (M2M) system on chip (SoC) with Semitech Semiconductor, a provider of power line communications (PLC) solutions that enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid. This SoC is designed to support M2M communication in the global industrial and energy transmission market via PLC/wireless modes.

Backed by a successful track record that includes numerous ASIC designs, Brite has developed a Cadence Tensilica-based communication core architecture SoC that integrates DSP, memory, PLC AFE, RF transceiver and high speed interface IPs with DDR and USB. This provides a market defining dual-mode PLC/wireless communication system to achieve interactive M2M communication.

This SoC will be manufactured using an advanced process with strategic partner, SMIC, and will contain Semitech’s integrated PLC/wireless IP. The resulting product will provide high reliability and quality, ensuring that it can be adopted by a broad range of industrial applications.

Semitech develops a dual mode communication core (DMCC) for PLC/wireless and will apply this IP to Brite’s SoC-based system. By leveraging its abundant experience in M2M communication and expanding its proven PLC core, Semitech provides a total DMCC solution, including architecture, digital modules and algorithms that can simultaneously support reliable wireless and PLC connectivity for the M2M market.

“This collaboration represents an important milestone for Brite, as designing an industrial SoC product for the emerging M2M market has been a goal of ours,” said Jerry Ardizzone, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Brite Semiconductor. “The primary application for the Brite and Semitech collaboration will be smart meters, and we will be developing additional solutions for broader industrial applications including smart home, smart grid, and automotive.”

“The next evolutionary step for smart grid applications is to move towards heterogeneous PLC/wireless networks, while accommodating aggressive cost and power budgets,” noted Zeev Collin, CEO of Semitech Semiconductor. “Our existing PLC architecture and the extensive experience of our team in narrowband communication across different media make it possible to take this step. Partnering with Brite puts us at the leading edge of the M2M market, and will ensure that we will yield a superior product.”