BAE Systems to Develop Hybrid Truck for FedEx

March 04, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

BAE Systems Controls (Johnson City, NY) will develop a prototype hybrid-electric truck for FedEx Express as part of a project to select the delivery company's next standard configuration for delivery trucks. The prototype, to be delivered in September 2002, will be designed to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. BAE is applying its HybriDrive propulsion system to power the prototype.

The hybrid-electric truck will be propelled by a clean diesel engine mated to an integral generator and electric motor that will allow the engine to operate cleaner and more efficiently than is possible with a conventional mechanical drive train. An on-board energy storage system managed by the propulsion system will provide reserve energy that will reduce transient power demands on the engine and enhance its efficiency and cleanliness. The truck also will employ a regenerative braking system to capture braking energy and recycle it for use by the propulsion system.