Azuray Technologies Announces Collaboration to Develop Smart Panel Technology and Junction Box

October 06, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Azuray Technologies, which has been in stealth mode, announced that it is collaborating with Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. to explore "smart panel" solutions aimed at bringing greater solar energy generation to new solar installations. The new smart panel technology will draw on Azuray’s maximum power point tracking (MPPT) dc-dc technology, which yields up to 25% greater solar energy harvest from panels affected by shading, mismatch or other real world conditions.

"This cooperation with Azuray Technologies bolsters our commitment to innovate solar energy beyond today’s standards of excellence," said Mr. Shijun Cai, Senior Vice President of Suntech. "Through collaboration with Azuray we hope to support solar installers and owners in their quest for greater power generation and faster returns on investment, in any environmental conditions."

Azuray Technologies power optimization solutions increase energy harvest from solar panels and use power-line communications in combination with its communications gateway to track and enhance solar panel performance. The Azuray communications gateway offers monitoring and safety features for installation and grid power disruption. All Azuray power optimization solutions are designed for high reliability, durability in extreme temperature conditions and a long 25-year life.

"We are proud to be working with one of the world’s leaders in solar PV modules," said Les Crudele, CEO of Azuray Technologies. "Suntech shares our drive to develop innovative smart panel solutions to improve energy harvest and bring greater value to our customers."

Azuray also announced its partnership with Renhe Photovoltaic Technology Co, Ltd., China’s largest solar panel junction box manufacturer. This collaboration incorporates Azuray’s MPPT dc-dc converter electronics into Renhe photovoltaic junction boxes. The new product, the Azuray AP300 power optimizer, seamlessly integrates advanced solar power electronics into the junction box of a solar panel to maximize solar energy generation, yielding up to 25% improvement in energy harvest. This PV junction box solution increases solar power generation from any type of crystalline solar panel that is underperforming due to mismatch, shade or other real world conditions.

"This collaboration with Azuray Technologies reinforces our global customer commitment to building exceptional and innovative photovoltaic solutions," said Renhe Chairman and CEO Li Guoqing. "We are pleased to work with Azuray Technologies on this innovative, smart panel solution. It serves our solar panel customers who strive to meet growing customer demand for increased solar energy harvest."

The new Azuray AP300 power optimizer increases energy harvest and uses power-line communications to track and enhance solar panel performance. The Azuray AP300 works with the Azuray ACM300 communications gateway to offer monitoring and safety features for installation and grid power disruption. The Azuray AP300 is designed for high reliability in extreme temperature conditions and long life.