ARSC Hydra Unit Completes Production of Prototype Fuel Cells

December 19, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

American Security Resources Corp. (ARSC) announced that its subsidiary, Hydra Fuel Cell Corp., is producing its final production prototype fuel cells. Final assembly and testing is expected to be completed in the next ten days.

"These are the units that we will use for certification and initial commercial production," said Bob Farr, President and COO of ARSC. "We have almost completely upgraded the HydraStax™ in the last ninety days, incorporating many technological advances and design efficiencies in the process. Working with a number of our suppliers we have developed new designs and materials that advanced our developmental designs into the state of the art fuel cell of today." Farr added, "We have increased the cells efficiency and lowered their production costs in the process."

The HydraStax™ fuel cell is intended to increase both the efficiency and useful life of electric generating hydrogen fuel cells. The HydraStax™ unit is designed to be commercially mass produced.