ARSC Forms Fuel Cell Manufacturing Corporation

September 19, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

American Security Resources Corp. (ARSC, Houston, TX), a company specializing in products or services for homeland security and national defense, announced that its subsidiary, Hydra Fuel Cell Corp., has formed Hydra Fuel Cell Manufacturing Corp. to produce the proprietary Hydra hydrogen fuel cell. The Hydra fuel cell is an energy source with a broad array of commercial and military applications.

American Security Resources President Joe Grace commented, "One of the major advantages of this proprietary technology is that it allows for low-cost, highly scalable manufacturing. These hydrogen fuel cell units are designed to be the longest lasting on the market. Each 5 kW unit is individually hot-swappable and rack-mountable, and can be placed in eight unit modules that produce 40 kW."

American Security Resources is acquiring the exclusive licensing and manufacturing rights to the Hydra fuel cell from privately held EGO Design Inc., which holds the patents for the Hydra silicon-based, hydrogen fuel cells. EGO Design believes the 5 kW to 40 kW fixed power market could generate sales of $1 billion annually to the company within eight years.