Wurth Electronics to Focus on Development Kits and Advanced Components at APEC

March 06, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Wurth Electronics is a Gold Sponsor of APEC exhibition in Anaheim, California, March 18-20. At the booth, #421, Wurth Electronics will showcase the new USB Type-C Development Kit and TI-PMLK. The STMicroelectronics USB Type-C Development Kit features high-power, high-speed USB Type-C Connectors.

The TI-PMLK (Texas Instruments Power Management Lab Kit) is composed of a single board and experiment book; perfect for studying magnetics in power supplies.

Wurth Electronics will also display their new 200W Wireless Power Development Kit, coinciding with the release of the new Trilogy of Wireless Power.

APEC attendees can also use the official Wurth Electronics Snapchat filter and hashtag, #MadHatter19, when they pick up the 5th edition of the Wurth Electronics hat at the company booth.

"We have been really excited about the traction we've experienced in the market after our consecutive years of Diamond partnership, and we look forward to seeing what APEC has to bring us in Anaheim," says Lindsey Esche, Marketing and Communications Manager at Wurth Electronics.

Prior to the exhibition, Wurth Electronics will also host a variety of presenters at the PSMA Magnetics Workshop and PSMA capacitor workshop, run by Pierre Lohrber, Wurth Electronics eiCap Division Manager. These presentations include "Impact of Near Magnetic Field on Power Train Performance," "Getting the Heat Out," "Supercapacitors- Getting a Clear Picture of EDLC, Gold, Hybrid, and More," and "High Power Converter."

The company will conduct technical demonstrations at the PSMA workshops, including "Correlation of Calculated Power Losses with Temperature Rise Measurements," and "150W Buck/Boost Converter & Efficiency Comparison MLCC vs. H-Chip Aluminum."

The PSMA magnetics workshop will close with a presentation from Alexander Gerfer, CEO Wurth Electronics EiSos, "What is Right with Magnetics."

The must-see sessions from Wurth Electronics at APEC 2019 include presenters George Slama, Senior Application and Content Engineer; Jared Quenzer, Application Engineer; Martin Haug, Division Manager MagI³C R&D, and Stephan Menzel, Head of Product Marketing and Technical Engineering, eiCap / eiRis.

Along with chairing a session, Slama will make multiple appearances, including two presentations "Avoid Designing Custom Inductors by using REDEXPERT," at an exhibitor session, and "Protect the Ports! Magnetic Design Fundamentals - What they didn't' tell you."

Quenzer will introduce "Filter Attenuation Measurement Method Using Electrical Fast Transient Burst (EFTB)." During a rap session, Haug will present "Power Supply on Chip (Pwr SOC) vs Power Supply in Package (Pwr SIP) vs Discrete. What is the future?"

On the final day of the exhibition, Menzel will present "Will the Real Supercapacitor Please Stand Up?"