Amtech Investing to Meet Demand Growth of SiC, Optics, and Silicon

July 18, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Amtech Systems, Inc. reported that its subsidiary, PR Hoffman, will be moving to a larger manufacturing facility. The subsidiary has also hired a business development manager. The company intends for the new facility and business development manager to help meet the growing demand for its SiC, optics, and silicon solutions.

Amtech Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of advanced thermal processing and polishing equipment. The company offers diffusion, solder reflow systems, and wafer handling automation systems. The company expects to begin operating in the larger facility by January 2020.

"Our current manufacturing operations are at capacity. With this move, we are near doubling our manufacturing footprint and positioning our business to meet the expected longer-term increase in demand for our distinctive SiC, optics, and silicon substrate solutions. The larger floor space plus the planned additional manufacturing equipment will improve manufacturing flow, add greater efficiencies, and importantly, reduce lead times to ensure we always provide the best service possible to our customers," commented Michael Whang, Chief Operating Officer of Amtech. "With the addition of our business development manager, who is an industry veteran, we are positioning PR Hoffman to maximize growth opportunities, while maintaining their outstanding customer service,"

"We are very excited about the expanding market for SiC, optics, and silicon that is supported by the continuously growing demand for power devices used in electric vehicles, automotive sensors, consumer and industrial IoT, 5G mobility, artificial intelligence, and big data," added J.S. Whang, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amtech.

"As this market grows, our strategy is to ensure the highest level of responsiveness to increasing demand from current and future customers, to bring timely product innovations to the marketplace, and capitalize on select external opportunities to further enhance our growth. Our move to this larger facility is an important step in our overall plan to capitalize on the attractive opportunities in the semiconductor marketplace, profitably grow our business, and enhance the value of our company for all stakeholders," Whang concluded.

Amtech's products are known under the brand names BTU International, Bruce Technologies™, PR Hoffman™, and R2D Automation™.