Amplifier Power Modules on Offer from Powersoft

April 19, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

In addition to its established touring and multi-channel process controlled amplifiers, Powersoft has extended its offering with two new flexible, compact and highly specified modules, the LiteMod 4HC and MiniMod 4. These launches further underline the Italian manufacturer's eagerness to share its technology with loudspeaker partners, not only in terms of providing the integration hardware but also support them right through the development process.

“These modules are the new benchmark when it comes to low idle power consumption, flexibility and cost effectiveness for many applications. Both platforms will provide any loudspeaker’s designer with an incredibly flexible tool to design a complete range of products including standalone amplifiers”, says Luca Giorgi, sales and business development director at Powersoft.

This ensures the Powersoft solution is tailored to customer requirements, seamlessly integrated into the chassis, and fully optimized for the product. The company also assists with certification issues, and provides after sales service once the product reaches the marketplace.

The LiteMod 4HC amplification platform integrates a PFC-equipped power supply for universal mains operation, as well as four output stages, delivering a maximum total of 2400W, all in a compact solution. The fact that it can be configured for four-, three-, two- or single-channel output, supporting 2Ω as well as 8Ω operation, gives it supreme flexibility. Designed for use in all high channel count applications, three- and two-way systems, subwoofers and satellite systems, the pristine sonic performance is matched by ease of use.

LiteMod 4HC boasts a number of key features, including: Universal mains voltage operation; Power supply with PFC; Low standby power consumption; Smart rails management for performance optimization with low power consumption & heat reduction; Auxiliary output voltages; System protection; Output short circuit protection; and Thermal shutdown with monitor output.

Another compact and flexible 4 x 150W amplification platform, MiniMod 4 is an integrated module offering universal mains switching mode power supply with PFC, and a total of 600W of audio amplification.

MiniMod boasts the same degree of flexibility since it can be configured as four-, three- two- or single-channel power output. It is suitable for all high channel count applications, three- and two-way designs, subwoofers and satellite systems, as well as MI and consumer audio.