AMIS and MagnaChip Develop Specialized Process Technology

November 03, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

AMI Semiconductor Inc. (AMIS, Pocatello, ID), a manufacturer of application-specific integrated circuits and structured digital products, and MagnaChip Semiconductor LLC, a developer of mixed-signal and digital multimedia semiconductors, announced a development and foundry relationship that combines each company’s key competencies, creating new technology platforms that enable next-generation medical devices. Additionally, this development effort will expand opportunities for both companies into other markets.

The technology platforms include a specialized, proprietary 0.18-micron process targeted at medical applications requiring ultra-low power and non-volatile memory solutions. The initial process development will take place in MagnaChip’s manufacturing facility in Cheongju, Korea, where MagnaChip and AMIS employees will collaborate to qualify and perfect the process to meet the specifications laid out by both companies. AMIS and MagnaChip expect to provide supporting design libraries and intellectual property late in 2005, with pilot production at MagnaChip’s Cheongju facility starting in the second quarter of 2006.

"We are excited to begin this development project with MagnaChip, combining their expertise in deep submicron process technology with our proven, high-reliability CMOS technology," said AMI Semiconductor President and CEO Chris King. "We believe that this relationship will benefit the entire AMIS business, providing our business units the ability to design ICs with high gate counts, as well as offering turn-key customers the next-generation, specialized process technology required to produce robust solutions for demanding automotive, medical, and industrial applications."

"We look forward to working closely with AMIS on these new process technologies, providing each company the opportunity to expand its offerings to further diversify customer bases and market opportunities," said MagnaChip Semiconductor President and CEO Youm Huh. "Working with leading global companies, like AMIS, and developing new market opportunities for our technologies and processes is key to our continued success."