AER Energy Resources Receives Order for Zinc-Air Batteries

July 16, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

AER Energy Resources Inc. (Atlanta) announced that it received an order for prototype primary zinc-air batteries with Diffusion Air Managers (DAMs) from a leading Japanese consumer electronics company. This order is a continuation of the joint evaluation agreement between the two companies announced in November 1998. The two companies will work closely together to design and fabricate the battery prototypes. The Japanese company intends to use the prototypes to demonstrate the capability of AER Energy's zinc-air battery technology to its portable electronic product divisions.Zinc-air battery chemistry is claimed to exhibit superior energy density compared to other battery technologies and the company's DAM technology represents a low cost method to improve the in-service storage life of zinc-air batteries. This could allow them to be applied to a variety of consumer products and markets including camcorders, cellular telephones, hand-held computers, personal digital assistants and audio players.