Aceleron Brings a Totally Renewable Lithium-ion Battery to the Energy Storage World

August 14, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Aceleron releases its new sustainable energy storage solution, the Essential lithium-ion battery.

Aceleron is a Uk-based clean energy company that develops lithium-ion battery (LiB) technology with sustainability in mind. The company’s cutting-edge energy storage technology has been designed to enable easy servicing of lithium battery packs, no-hassle upgrades to features and capabilities, and to help avoid expensive take-back and disposal costs by continuously refilling energy cells. In late June, Aceleron announced the release of the world’s first reusable, repairable, and fully recyclable LiB of its kind, the Essential.


Image used courtesy of Aceleron


The Essential

Traditional batteries that are welded together can pose a problem concerning processing and reuse for another purpose. When traditional batteries reach the end of their cycle life, they are typically either disposed of in a non-safe and environmentally harmful way or are crushed to extract the raw materials. While the batteries are considered to be no longer useful, as much as 80% of their cells can actually still be reused. However, because the cells have been welded together, the viable cells cannot be easily separated from the non-viable ones. What Aceleron realized and delivered, was an energy storage solution that can be serviced, and instead of being welded or stuck together, battery cells have been packaged using compression. The battery can be essentially built like a layered sandwich with fastening components and compression technology. It can be taken apart and put back together, which means it can be reused again and again. This longevity can help save on long-term development and production costs, as well as reduce the impact on the environment caused by unnecessary production.


Image used courtesy of Aceleron


In a news release from late June, the Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of Aceleron, Carlton Cummins, said, “Up until now, batteries have unfortunately been treated as a disposable consumer product, without much thought to what the disposal of these batteries looks like. We are passionate about making sure that 100% of the materials in our batteries will continue to be used for as long as possible - preferably forever." Cummins added, “The Essential is the same size as a group-31 battery, offering up to four times the cycle life and three times more continuous power than a lead-acid battery. It is easy to install in three different positions, is half the weight of a traditional battery, and is ergonomically designed to be sleek and portable.”

The portable 1.4 kWh Essential battery is available with different voltages (12V, 24V, and 48V) to suit a variety of applications. The battery can be used to power light electric vehicles, for critical applications such as medical response, and for leisure activities such as traveling in a motorhome for holidaying. The Essential can also be used to provide a power source for low-voltage uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications. The battery’s lightweight and sustainable design allows for portability and can help lessen the effects of climate change. For more information on Aceleron’s Essential, you can visit this page.