ABB Electricity Metering Awarded $2.2 Million Contract

February 14, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

ABB Electricity Metering (Raleigh, NC) announced that it has been awarded a $2.2 million contract by the Egyptian Electricity Authority (EEA), a subsidiary of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Co., to provide its AIN ALPHA meters, software and hand-held equipment to support the EEA's Time of Day Metering Project.

The AIN ALPHA meters are designed to support import-export metering, load profile recording, pulse outputs and remote communications. ABB claims that they can meter virtually any tariff and can be supplied with data recordings for up to eight channels of metering data stored in non-volatile memory.

The EEA is part of a utility network that provides electricity to Egypt, Jordan and other neighboring countries. The Time of Day Metering Project will be conducted in eight EEA regions for a year.

“ABB is very pleased to be awarded this contract from the EEA for its Time of Day Metering project. By incorporating the ABB AIN meters, the EEA will be able to optimize its utility network in eight regions as well as reduce technical and non-technical energy losses. In addition, the EEA will be able to reduce energy losses and provide the energy gains to neighboring countries through the utility network," stated Ali Mouslmani, regional marketing manager in the Middle East and Africa for ABB.