2006 Portable Power Developers Conference

December 13, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

The Portable Power Developers Conference (PPDC ‘06) will be held in April 3-5, 2006 in Richardson, Texas. This three-day international conference will serve an audience of decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest commercial advancements and anticipated future developments related to advanced power management and efficient energy utilization. Speakers will have an opportunity to present to top executives and technical professionals of leading portable device makers as well as key technical and management professionals in the power conversion and semiconductor industries, and leading researchers from industry, academia and government laboratories.

Energy-efficient backlights, rotating memories, new display technologies, imaging devices, MP3 players, USB power, multiple processor cores, RF sections, and more are being packaged into ever smaller and more powerful portable devices. At the same time, demands on power management are growing geometrically. PPDC ‘06 will focus on the increasing complexity of wringing out the maximum performance from tomorrow's increasingly complex portable devices. This will not be a "batteries and fuel cells" meeting. It will tightly focus on system-level power management (including battery charging and management) and efficient energy utilization. It will bring together component suppliers and system designers and will address the latest advances in this important field. Regardless of the energy storage technology (battery or fuel cell, primary or secondary), the critical aspect of designing a portable device is the complete power management solution and efficient energy utilization. Designers will not wait for the "ultimate" energy storage solution; it may never arrive. And, even if an improved energy storage solution arises, the emphasis will remain on getting the maximum possible performance from the device, and that implies continued focus on developments in advanced power architectures, sophisticated power management and efficient energy utilization.