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XP Power Debuts a Series of 3kW Power Supplies Providing 150 to 400VDC

August 16, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The units operate over single phase 90V to 264VAC inputs and feature outputs of either 150, 200, 250, 300 or 400VDC.

XP Power’s HDL3000-HV series of power supplies are fan-cooled devices featuring voltage and current outputs that are both programmable over a 0-105% range.

The HDL300-HV Series. Image courtesy of XP Power (XP)

The versatile devices can be connected in series, providing up to 800VDC if needed. If a higher current is called for, up to eight of the power supplies can be connected in parallel. The interconnections are simplified through active current sharing and built-in ORing diodes,

The main output can be trimmed ±5% via potentiometer. In addition to their single main outputs, each member of the series features a standby output, user selectable at either 9V at 0.3A or 5V at 0.5A.


High Line and Low Line

The devices can deliver full 3kW outputs when operating from 180VAC to 264VAC (high line).

When operating from 90VAC to 180VAC (low line), maximum output is restricted to 2kW. With an optimal 230VAC input, efficiency is 92% at full load.


The Five Members of the HDL300-HV Series are:

  Output Voltage   Output Current   Ripple and Noise Efficiency

High Line


Low Line

HDL3000PS150 150VDC






HDL3000PS200 200VDC






HDL3000PS250 250VDC 12.0A  




HDL3000PS300 300VDC






HDL3000PS400 400VDC






In the above table, efficiency is measured at full load with a 230VAC input


Controlling the Output

The outputs of the HDL3000-HV series can be controlled via I2C, RS485, or RS232 interfaces. Analog means, through voltage or resistance, can also be employed. The power supplies can be turned on or off remotely, and there is a LED indicator that provides a visual indication of:

  • Power OK
  • Output not enabled,
  • Fan failure
  • Over temperature
  • Overvoltage
  • Overload
  • AUX standby status


Key Electrical Specifications

  • Earth leakage current is a maximum of 1mA
  • Line regulation is ±1 %
  • Holdup time with a full load and at 230VAC input, is 10ms
  • Start up delay is 1.1 second
  • Start up rise times is 350ms at full load 
  • Transient response is less than 1% for a 25% step load change

A full description can be found at the datasheet



Through its constant current and constant voltage capabilities, the HDL3000-HV series is applicable to high voltage applications including:

  • Battery test and simulation 
  • Test and burn-in equipment
  • Robotics
  • Laser systems
  • Motor drives
  • Cathodic protection
  • LED curing
  • Lighting and heating
  • Electrolysis


Physical Considerations

  • Series members measure 6.69” x 2.52” x 11.02”.
  • An integrated, variable speed fan cools the devices via forced airflow
  • The power supplies operate over a temperature range of -20°C and +60°C. At temperatures over +50℃, power derates linearly, down 50% of maximum at +60°C


Regulatory and Safety

Members of the series are:

  • Safety certified to IEC/UL/EN 62368-1 for AV/ICT equipment 
  • Compliant with EN 55032 Class A for conducted and radiated emissions
  • Meet EN 61000-3-2 limits for harmonics
  • Satisfy EN 61000-4-2 immunity standards 


Getting to Market Faster

  • To support faster system development, XP supplies a GUI and a full user manual