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Power Product Recap: June 3

June 03, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

This article highlights new products from Nexperia, Diodes Incorporated, SemiQ, and BK Precision.

This week’s product roundup showcases components for different power applications, including Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers, regulators, and power supplies.


Silicon Germanium Rectifiers from Nexperia

Built to combine high efficiency, thermal stability, and space-saving needs, these rectifiers from Nexperia target the automotive, communications infrastructure, and server markets.

These 1-3 A SiGe rectifiers feature 120 V, 150 V, and 200 V reverse voltages and thanks to their low leakage capabilities can operate on extended safe-operating areas with no thermal runaway up to 175 degrees.


Weekly Power Product Recap Figure
Image used courtesy of Nexperia.


According to Nexperia, the new components would have an advantage of 10-20 % lower conduction losses due to a boost of a low forward voltage (Vf) and low Qrr.

Housed in size- and thermally-efficient CFP3 and CFP5 packages, the diodes feature a solid copper clip responsible for reducing the packages’ thermal resistance and optimizing the transfer of heat into the ambient environment.

This allows for compact PCB designs in high-temperature applications such as LED lighting, engine control units, or fuel injection.

Nexperia said four AEC-Q101-qualified 120 V SiGe rectifiers are already available for purchase on the company site, while an additional eight 150 V and 200 V devices are currently sampling.


Low Dropout Regulator From Diodes Incorporated 

Available in X1-WLB0707-4 (Type A1) and X2-DFN1010-4 (Type B) packages, the new AP7353 low dropout regulators offer a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) in a small package.

The devices have been developed by Diodes for voltage regulation applications in noise-sensitive, battery-operated devices like wearables, portables, and connected sensors.


Weekly Power Product Recap Figure
Image used courtesy of Diodes.


Both versions of these regulators measure less than 1mm on each side, making them ideal for uses on densely populated printed circuit board layouts.

The devices also support voltage and current levels up to 4.5V at 250mA, together with a PSRR of 90dB at 1kHz and a low quiescent current of 18μA. The AP7353 regulators are also built to be robust, thanks to their short-circuit and overtemperature protection capabilities.

The components can operate in a voltage range of between 2.0V and 5.5V and have fixed output voltage of between 1.8V and 4.5V with an accuracy of ±1% and line regulation of 0.001%/mA (when an output current from 1mA to 250mA is supplied).

Interested in purchasing these regulators? They are available on Diodes’ website for $0.096 each in 10,000 piece quantities.


SiC Schottky Diodes From SemiQ

Released as the third iteration of a model introduced in 2019, the new 1700V 5 Am GP3D005A170B diodes come in both TO‐247‐2 packages and bare die format.

The components feature dual layer chip passivation with over 12 million device hours of HTRB and H3TRB.

To improve reliability and ruggedness, the diodes are 100% avalanche tested in production.


Weekly Power Product Recap Figure
Image used courtesy of SemiQ.


They are also optimized for power conversion applications where low losses and high efficiency are critical. These include renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), solar power, and fuel cell power system.

GP3D005A170B diodes Samples are already in stock at SemiQ and available through Digikey with manufacturing lead times of 8 weeks. The company also said 10A and 20A 1700V packages will be available in the next few months.


Multi-Range DC Power Supplies From BK Precision

Developed for both bench use and automated test system applications, the MR Series high voltage multi-range DC power supplies consist of 250 V, 500 V, and 1000 V models.

The components can produce 5 kW of clean output power in a compact 2U form factor.  


Weekly Power Product Recap Figure
Image used courtesy of BK Precision.


In terms of connections, the MR Series supports USB, GPIB, LXI compliant LAN, and analog interfaces to favor remote control and programming. 

It also comes with LabVIEWTM, IVI-C, and IVI.NET drivers to further simplify system development.

Included in the software is also a solar array simulator (SAS) function that allows users to generate photovoltaic I-V curves for testing solar inverters.

BK Precision also said that additional SAS software is available for users interested in simulating the I-V curve of different arrays under various weather and irradiance conditions.

The power supply is already available on BK Precision’s website at a price of $5,590 and including  3 years of warranty.


Did we miss any new power products you found interesting over the last week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.