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Vishay’s Snap-in Power Aluminum Capacitors Enable Higher Power Density to Save PCB Space, Lower Costs

April 21, 2020 by Vishay

These miniature devices offer increased ripple current to 5.05 A and Useful Life of 5,000 Hours at 85°C.

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of miniature snap-in power aluminum electrolytic capacitors that enables higher power density designs. The Vishay BCcomponents 257 PRM-SI series offers up to 20 % higher ripple current than previous-generation solutions in case sizes that are up to 20 % smaller while providing longer useful life to 5,000 hours at 85 °C.

With ripple currents up to 5.05 A, the devices released today allow designers to utilize fewer components to save board space and lower costs. Featuring a cylindrical aluminum case, insulated with a blue sleeve, 257 PRM-SI series capacitors feature rated voltages to 500 V in 25 compact case sizes ranging from 22 mm by 25 mm to 35 mm by 60 mm. The RoHS-compliant devices are also available with 3-pin keyed polarity snap-in terminals.

As polarized aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte, the devices are ideally suited for smoothing, buffering, and DC-Link filtering in switch-mode power supplies used in medical, consumer welding, and test and measurement equipment, in addition to general industrial control and audio/video system applications.


Device Specification Table:

Case size (D x L in mm) 22 x 25 to 35 x 60
Capacitance range 56 µF to 3300 µF
Tolerance ± 20 %
Rated voltage 200 V to 450 V 500 V
Category temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C -25 °C to +85 °C
Useful life at +85 °C 5,000 h
Max. ESR at 100 Hz 70 mΩ to 3740 mΩ
Max. impedance at 10 kHz 60 mΩ to 3240 mΩ
Sectional specification IEC 60384-4 / EN130300
Climatic category IEC 60038 40 / 85 / 56 25 / 85 / 56


Samples and production quantities of the 257 PRM-SI series capacitors are available now, with lead times of 14 weeks.