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ULVAC Launches Charging System Combining PV Power Generation Facility with Rapid Charger for EVs

January 20, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

ULVAC Inc. announced that it has been successful in developing and launching its new product, comprising a system combining a photovoltaic power generation facility with a rapid charger for EVs, and has received its first order from Chigasaki City.

ULVAC has developed and launched a photovoltaic power generation facility, and an EV rapid charger (including a normal charger), and their combination of photovoltaic power generation and rapid charger system for EVs. The photovoltaic power generation facility complies with the requirements for multi-purpose power generation systems, coordinating photovoltaic power generation with commercial power facilities, and consists of solar panels, power conditioner, power supply, power generation control monitor, and so on.

The EV rapid charger on the other hand is used at EV rapid charging stations, which are expected to rapidly increase in number. It boasts a charging time of approximately 25 minutes for 80% of EV capacity, which is remarkably faster than the 8 to 14 hours necessary with ordinary chargers.

As part of the new business undertaken by the Corporate Customers Support Division, ULVAC worked jointly with its subsidiary, Reliance Electric Ltd. for the development and launch of these systems. ULVAC and Reliance Electric are worldwide manufacturers of photovoltaic cell manufacturing equipment and electric variable drive control equipment respectively.

Consequently, Reliance Electric has power conditioner (dc-ac power converter) manufacturing technology, which forms the core of photovoltaic power generation equipment, as well as electric design technology which is required for EV rapid chargers. In particular, the EV rapid charger developed and manufactured by Reliance Electric uses technologies developed for ULVAC sputtering equipment power supplies, which have global market share by an overwhelming margin. This EV rapid charger also conforms to the standards set by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

The photovoltaic power generation and rapid charging system developed and launched by ULVAC can use utility power during the night and days when there is little sunshine. When it is not used for charging EV, the power generated by photovoltaic cells can be purchased by electric companies through system linkage, making the effective utilization of the generated electric power possible.

The photovoltaic power generation and rapid charging system, for which ULVAC has received an order from Chigasaki City, consists of photovoltaic cells to be installed on the roof of the municipal parking lot (initial power generation 20 kW), power conditioners, rapid chargers (50 kW), normal chargers, power generation control monitors, and so on. The system also enables citizens to monitor the status of the electric power generated by photovoltaic cells through a display installed at Chigasaki City Hall via wireless communication. This system will be installed at the municipal parking lot located at Chigasaki 2-chome, Chigasaki City by March 2010.