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TELEFUNKEN Releases High Voltage Family of Synchronous Buck Regulators

December 15, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors announced the release of its TF600X family of high voltage dc-dc synchronous buck regulators to deliver very high efficiency regulated outputs. The family consists of three parts TF6001, TF6002 and TF6003 that operate from 4.5 to 26V Input and provide 1, 2 and 3A adjustable regulated outputs.

Achieving efficiencies up to 93% and with low standby currents these products are optimized to provide the designer with improved overall efficiencies thereby enabling systems to comply with Green Energy Requirements in end applications.

The TF600X family is a current mode, fixed frequency synchronous buck regulators manufactured on a SOI (Silicon on Insulator) BCD process that offers best in class performance and ruggedness with high reliability. The regulators operate at 340 KHz fixed frequency and the current mode control architecture enables fast transient response. The high and low side MOSFETS are integrated with Rds of 140mΩ for TF6001, 130mΩ for TF6002 and 100mΩ for TF6003. The low Rds switches help the regulators achieve a peak efficiency of 93%. The adaptive, non-overlapping MOSFET gate-drivers and high-side bootstrap structure helps to further maximize efficiency. Output voltage is adjustable down to 0.923V with a set of external resistors with 2.5% voltage reference accuracy over -40 to 85°C operating temperature range.

The TF600X family is targeted at point of load applications in consumer and computing end products such as Digital TV’s, Blu-Ray DVD Players, xDSL Modems, Set Top Boxes, Notebooks and Netbooks. The products have built in soft start, under-voltage lockout, over-current, and thermal shutdown protection to help protect the device from damage during fault conditions. TF6001 and TF6002 are offered in 8 pin SOIC Package and the TF6003 in 8 pin SOIC with exposed pad package for improved thermal dissipation.

The TF6001, TF6002 and TF6003 are priced at $0.79, $0.89 & $0.99 in 1K quantities.