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SMTconnect 2019 Focuses on Numerous Innovations and Proven Formats

February 19, 2019 by SMTconnect

SMTconnect is set to take a holistic approach to microelectronic assemblies and systems - from development to production and service.

SMTconnect is set to take a holistic approach to microelectronic assemblies and systems - from development to production and service. In 2019, the event will not only be presenting itself under a new name but will have even more developments to offer.


Proven Strengths: The New Appearance of the Event

The new name "SMTconnect" should make the main subject and the unique features of the event recognizable at first sight, and at the same time, should reflect the needs of the community. The name underlines the fact that the event brings together the entire SMT community, i.e., users, suppliers, service providers, and clients, in one place and offers them space for exchange.

Further elements of the event will also be adapted. The subline has been updated to “Solutions for electronic assemblies and systems.” In addition, changes have been made to the look of the event with the new design ensuring a fresher appearance.


New Staging of Electronic Manufacturing Services: EMS Park

With the aim of reaching new target groups and thus providing the community with even more opportunities to connect and overcome the challenges posed by the industry, the SMTconnect will be proactively addressing promising topics. This will include the new staging of the electronic manufacturing services – in the new showcase area “EMS Park”.

The EMS Park, which is reminiscent of an actual park with its natural and open design, plants, and benches, was designed with the focus on relaxed, yet efficient networking possibilities. This makes it particularly easy for exhibiting companies to make contact with their target groups among the numerous trade visitors, for example from the medical technology, automotive or mechanical engineering sectors, and to network even more intensively with the community.


Into the Future with Practice-Oriented Topics: Technology Days

Parallel to the exhibition, the new Technology Days will focus on the mounting and connecting of components and assemblies in a wide variety of application areas. In terms of content, the knowledge platform will deal with three topics in 20 sessions over three days:

  • Soldering – challenges in practice
  • Substrates – important carriers for components
  • Successful adhesives in electronics

On the one hand, practice-oriented seminars will be offered, in which well-founded specialist knowledge can be deepened; on the other hand, 25-minute special sessions are to supplement the program with the treatment of current topics.


Highlights as Visitor Magnets 

SMTconnect will also be attracting visitors in 2019 with numerous highlights. The "Future Packaging" production line organized annually by the Fraunhofer IZM will revolve around the topic "Get in the Ring - Challenges for Modern Manufacturing".

In addition, soldering professionals and young professionals will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at the annual hand soldering competition organized by the worldwide trade and standardization organization IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries from the USA.

In addition to the EMS Park, there will be other interesting joint stands: PCB meets Components, Cluster Mechatronics and Automation, the Newcomer Pavilion and this year's new Start-up Area, organized in cooperation with the VDMA Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies Association and the VDMA Startup Machine.

The exhibition forum will also be available in 2019 for exhibitor presentations, which will include a panel discussion organized by Hüthig Verlag (publishers) on "Selective wave soldering in the dilemma between THR and effectiveness", which will be held in German.

Furthermore, the ZVEI Days will take place at the topic forum, which will deal with component cleanliness, integrated layer circuits, and a roadmap for technical and non-technical trends in the component industry.

SMTconnect will take place from 7 - 9 May 2019 in Nuremberg. Current information on the event is available at the SMTconnect website


About SMTConnect

The SMTconnect brings together people and technologies from the areas of development, production, services, and applications in connection with microelectronic assemblies and systems. The SMTconnect offers a space for the expert community to gather and exchange ideas. The event strives to be a meeting place for all the areas involved in microelectronic production, including electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

At the SMTconnect, you can interact with visitors from the following sectors:

  • Academic institutes
  • Air- and spacecraft industry
  • Automobile engineering
  • Chemical industry
  • Computing electronics
  • Consulting
  • Consumer electronics
  • Development services
  • Editors, publishers
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • E-mobility
  • Industrial electronics
  • Medical electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Rail and traction
  • Telecommunication